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Attendance in a flash

Taking attendance doesn’t have to be time consuming. With Check Into Class the students do the hard part. They simply have to pull out their cell phones (which are likely already out) and scan a code that is projected on the board, once the code is scanned, they will be redirected to a log-in screen where they simply enter their student ID number, it’s that easy!

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Easy and Reliable

Check Into Class is a unique attendance check-in system for educators. When you use Check Into Class you are not only getting your attendance records but many other benefits as well:

  • Visual Representation
  • High Risk Students
  • Fast and reliable support
  • We keep it easy for Students and Educators

    Simple and effective is our goal. Taking attendance has never been this simple. For students it’s as simple as taking a selfie. For teachers its as easy as turning on the projector. You don’t need to worry about it, because we know you and your students will love it.