About - Check Into Class

Built by Educators for Educators

We know about education because we are educators. We have designed Check Into Class to cater to professors needs and wants. It’s easy to use and it always will be, because we know education comes first.


Cost Effective

With Check Into Class you are really getting your money’s worth, and we don’t hold anything back. There are no hidden fees. All you need to pay is your subscription fee and you are good to go. What you see is what you get, and all updates will always be covered with your subscription fee.


Popular Features

  • No extra hardware required
  • Identify high risk students early
  • Tracks students' last day of attendance
  • Unlimited student accounts
  • Classroom

    Listen to the professionals

    Check Into Class has really made my life easier. My Personal Finance course has 150 students in one lecture hall. There is no way I could track attendance or keep them accountable if not for this program. It's easy to use, simple to do each class period, and takes less than 2 minutes out of my lecture. I also love the analytics feature that lets me see who's coming and who's a stop out risk. Highly, highly recommend!

    -Goldie Prelogar
    Pittsburg State Univesity